Iowa Drones

In Iowa, drones have great advantages everywhere, especially in Iowa!  Drones  create satellite maps that can help farmers make decisions about fertilizer. Fertilizer is a major concern of farmers, as it represents up to 50 percent of input costs. By using high-tech sensors to absorb near infrared wavelengths, drones make maps that can show where phosphorous and nitrogen may be needed – or where there is an excess of nutrients. Nutrients must be applied where they are needed most because plants absorb more fertilizer when it is applied precisely. This level of detail can help farmers increase production and efficiencies leading to higher yields.

Furthermore, the use of drones can help inspect wind turbines. Drones look for damage such as wear and tear on the rotor blades or damage from lightning strikes. Equipped with an infrared camera, a drone can also detect turbine faults that the human eye often cannot, including minute damage such as pinholes or wrinkles.

Insurance companies can also use drones to provide roof inspections safely and accurately with HD quality videos. These are just a few examples of what Boji Drone Workz can do you, we are making a move to make Iowa more “GREEN” in every aspect of the word! We started out by getting drone certified by the experts out of Denver, CO  “Unmanned Experts” in addition we got OSHA – ANSI – NATE compliant certification training on both Authorized Tower Climber AND Tower Inspection Drone certification training through Technical Rescue Systems. We attend major drone conferences Interdrone and Commercial UAV Expo and courses in Drone Deploy and Pix4D.


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